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ESstevia.nl - Specialist in pure stevia

Welcome to the webshop of ESstevia

At last the time has come… There is a new and responsible, natural, sweetener for the Dutch and International markets! It is a perfect, healthy substitute for sugar.

Steviol glycosides extracted from the South American plant, stevia, may be used as a tabletop sweetener. ESstevia offers its “sweetener of the future”, which is of natural origin from very high quality stevia plants. Steviol glycoside does not affect blood sugar levels and contain:

·         no sugar

·         no calories

·         no carbs

·         no gluten

This makes it a very suitable sweetener for slimmers and diabetics. Thus, even people who want to lose weight can use stevia without worry. It is deliciously sweet, but without the adverse effects of sugar.

ESstevia delivers steviol glycosides (100% pure) in liquid, icing, granular and tablet form. In its liquid form, it is convenient to use in hot and cold drinks such as coffee, tea and in granular form in yogurt, smoothies or jam. For hot and cold drinks the tablet form can also be used. For baking, use GrooVia crystal; it even looks like sugar. 

The pure powder is amazingly sweet (about 300 times sweeter than sugar) and it is suitable for sweetening hot and cold beverages, for baking and cooking.

In addition to these delicious sweet products, ESstevia offers other stevia products such as toothpaste. This is just a small selection from our range. For all products, please look at our webshop at ESstevia.nl.

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